# pythonPostToSheet.py
# Jim Miller, 9:31 PM Tue March 21, 2023

import sys, os
import requests # HTML posting
import json
import pywintypes # exceptions names

# This pulls in JSON data from a file, as specified in a command line argument, and posts it to the spreadsheet.
# The JSON has a key for the sheet name.
# This is used by the Perl weather gleaners to post to the Google sheet. 

sheet_url = "https://script.google.com/macros/s/AKfycbyWHAf2IVMjtzYliYqYVV5oVGUTTyjQnQpdJcl1OcKeFANoPn06FpRD5Ucd1WqJ2gSM/exec" # weather-perl

if (len( sys.argv) > 1): 
    # The single argument is a filename
    fileName = sys.argv[1]
    print "filename =", fileName

    filePath = "C:\\Users\\Jim\\Documents\\webcontent\\waconia\\" + fileName;
    f = open( filePath, "r")
    json_string = f.read()

    postDict = json.loads( json_string)
    print "sheetName =", postDict["sheetName"]
        # Send with POST. Note: the postDict dictionary gets converted back to a JSON string.
        jsonRequest = requests.post( sheet_url, json=postDict)

        # Format and print the response
        print json.dumps( jsonRequest.json(), indent=2)
        print "Error opening spreadsheet."